Farningham Homes for Little Boys Roll of Honour

These are the names printed in the Roll of Honour, although it is known that there are other men of both wars who came from the Home who lost their lives and are not recorded.

1914 – 1918

Baldwin, John Henry
Brightley, Arthur George
Brooks, Albert Henry
Bucklee, Thomas Edward Ernest
Burgess, Frederick George
Cheshire, George
Cloudsley, George James
Cutter, Edwin
Edwards, Joseph Ernest
Evans, John
Ferguson, William
Fisher, Albert Edward
Fisher, George Edwin
Holloway, William
Hood, Samuel
Hutley, Richard Christopher
Keen, Cecil Francis
Kerr, Albert
Maloney, Charles Edward
Martin, Cecil Frank
Moore, Henry
Morris, Percy
Nash, John William
Parker, Sydney Leonard
Perry, Wilfred Herbert
Potter, Reginald
Purchase, John
Roberts, Gavin B.
Roberts, Sidney
Scougall, John
Sharpe, Frederick Walter
Short, Robert William
Smith, G
Stevens, William Matherson (actually William Mathewson Stevens)
Stiling, Henry Robert Pretoria
Stuckey, Bertie James
Terrell, Victor James
Tickner, Ernest
Tingle, John
Treasure, John Percy
Ward, Harry Thomas
Wakeling, Albert Edward
Woollford, (Gordon) Bruce

Old Boys not included on the Roll of Honour in the Church

Ashby, Alfred George Albert
Brooke, Allen Bernard
Key, Robert
Moore, A H
Morris, S
Mortlock, Percy George, 2nd Lieut.
Maloney, William, M.M.
Short, Percy
Sutton, C


Bignold, Ernest Edward
Clarke, Ronald Charles
Cox, John Geoffrey Hayler
Evans, Gerald Douglas
Fitzgerald, James Arthur
Fox, Arthur Reynold
Fynney, Bernard
Gent, Donald Samuel
Gibson, Dennis Victor
Gingell, William Edgar
Hamblyn, Edward William T. A.
Harvey, Jack Henry Charles
Hewett, Kenneth
Humphreys, Gerald Victor
Newens, Reginald John
Newton, Edward William
Prior, Montague
Ridout, John Ernest
Sears, Henry Joseph
Spencer, William Leslie
Young, Horace Herbert