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Newsletter 140 – March 2020

The start of our 2020 season gave us Steve Hookins performing his talk “Doing our Bit”. Steve has a fantastic collection of WW2 badges worn by civilians that showed what organisations they worked for during the war. From the wide variety of organisations, both local and national, that had their own lapel badges, cap badges, and cloth badges, badge manufacturers may well have had a very profitable time in WW2. Whilst dressing as a man who helped repair potholes in the roads after air raids (that had no badge), Steve gave us a number of impersonations using his broom as an essential prop, keeping us all amused. He had kindly brought in his badge collection to show us, and it attracted a great deal of attention after the talk.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 9th March at 8pm in the Horton Kirby Jubilee Hall, when Christoph Bull is going to give us a talk entitled “Dartford Rural Rides”.

Our 2020 schedule:
18th May            Murder, Madness, Mayhem – the Belgian Royal Family – Melanie Gibson-Barton
13th July             Up the Junction (Old Swanley) part 2 – Keith Whitworth
14th Sept           Leeds Castle – Ann Kneif
9th Nov              AGM followed b y a short talk and Cheese & Wine

The new book “Horton Kirby and South Darenth – Yesterday and Today” will be available at our meeting if you have not purchased your copy yet.