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  1. Alison Johnson

    As a child I got to go into Frank’s Hall once as I knew Mrs wheelers grand daughter and her family .I remember dancing around in the empty ballroom .The main grand staircase that parted both left and right and the billiard room .As I remember old Mrs Wheeler seemed to only use one room where she was sitting in the corner as she was semi blind .I believe she had limited staff one being the gardener who was pretty ancient himself and according to rumors was paid a very basic wage

  2. Rupert Mitchell

    I remember Frank’s Hall and the Wheeler family very well as a young boy. It was soon after the end of the war and the Wheeler family had recently moved back into the house having lived during the war in the coach house as the army had taken over Franks Hall. I have rather dimmed memories now but I can remember Mrs. Wheeler who although almost blind seemed to have a very pleasant disposition but Maurice Wheeler was perhaps a bit more on the grumpy side! They had four daughters and I always can remember my father who was a great friend of the family telling that Mrs. Wheeler saying they would keep on trying until they got a boy; but that was never achieved. The house was a most beautiful mansion and so were the gardens although somewhat neglected due to the army year. I can remember the little water wheel on the River Darent which originally powered the house and whenever there was a blockage, which was pretty often, everyone would go running down to the river to unblock the cause. I would be interested if anyone else cares to make contact.

    1. David Garside

      Hi he was known as Morris Wheeler, my great grand father. He was Alfred Morris Wheeler
      There were only 3 daughters.
      Iris, Audrey and Beryl

  3. E nial

    When I was about 20
    My family and I went to visit franks it was up for sale and in quite a simorry state I remember the ballroom and the big bulge in the ceiling
    I remember a cricket club across the river
    I theink it had approximately 25 acres and we walked around the somewhat overgrown grounds tucked away in one corner was the remains ( roofless ) of a really large building and remember wondering what it had been used for
    I’m sure it was around the 100000 mark ( 50 years ago )
    Thought it was associated with Henry 8 ?
    Cant remember much else


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