Newsletter No 137 – July 2019

Our May meeting was another thought-provoking talk by Christoph Bull about the Great War from the German perspective. Christoph is of English / German parentage, with his grandfathers’ fighting on opposing sides during the Great War. We were given some background about Kaiser Wilhelm II and the (relatively) new country of Germany, and then Christoph told us about the impact on the ordinary German and the problems they faced during the war, with acute food shortages (thanks to Allied blockades) and restrictions on raw materials. The Germans had to give up eating sausages during the war as the casings were used to make the gas bags for Zeppelins (and it took the guts of 250,000 cows to make a Zeppelin).

Our next meeting will be on Monday 8th July at 8pm in the Horton Kirby Jubilee Hall, and our speaker will be Wilf Lower talking about “Lost Empires – the last days of Music Hall and Variety”.

Our 2019 schedule:
9th September                          To be confirmed
11th November                         AGM & Short Talk followed by Wine & Cheese

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