Newsletter No. 123 – March 2017

Our first meeting of 2017 featured Dr Ann Kneif telling us about the history of the “Women’s Land Army” from its beginnings during World War One to the vital role the Land Girls played in food production during in World War Two. As ever, Dr Kneif gave us a fascinating talk and slide show, and we were privileged to have a local Land Girl join us for the evening, and she was wearing her Land Army Badge, which she showed us after the talk.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 13th March 2017 at 8pm in the Horton Kirby Jubilee Hall (next to the Village Hall) and the speaker will be Steve Hookins, and this time his talk will be “To Wilhelm with Love – Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Somme”.

Our 2017 schedule:
8th May   The Incredible Shrinking Parish of Stone – Christoph Bull
10th July   Old Dartford & District – Terry Moyle
11th September   Queen Victoria – Anne Carter
13th November    AGM, a short talk by Malcolm Scott and then Cheese & Wine

The new Walking Tour of Horton Kirby and Horton Kirby is “work in progress” and should be launched soon.

We hope to show our World War One display in St Mary’s Church, Horton Kirby when the rewiring work has been completed, and hope to be able to confirm dates very soon.

Talking of WWI, Malcolm Scott and I have been emailed by a relative of an Old Boy from the Farningham Home for Little Boys, asking if the Old Boy was on the Roll of Honour. We could confirm that he was (with pictures) and Malcolm has since exchanged information on the Old Boy’s Homes career and in return has been told of his family and career. It just goes to show how useful having an internet presence can be for the society.

Forthcoming Local Events

St George’s Day EventSaturday 22nd April, 12 – 4pm  At Heathside, behind the Village Hall
British Legion Plant SaleSaturday, 6th May   At the British Legion Hall, Devon Road

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