Newsletter No. 115 – January 2016

  • Our November meeting was the usual brief AGM, followed by an overview of the WW1 anniversaries to come in 1916 from Stephen de Winton, and a brief slide show of some WW1 postcards, giving a more light hearted view of the war from battlefield to home life by Sarah Lewis.

    During the Cheese & Wine every one present was able to look at the WW1 Display that has been created by the History Society. Our thanks must go to Jan, Paddy and Doreen for providing us with a wonderful selection of food. We nearly had a cheese & wine with no wine, as I had forgotten my job, but fortunately a quick trip to the Co-Op provided us with all the bottles we needed.

    Our next meeting will be on Monday 11th January at 8pm in the Horton Kirby Village Hall. Paul Rason will be giving us a talk on “The Edith Cavell Story”, a topical talk as the 100th anniversary of Miss Cavell’s execution was on 12th October 2015. When Miss Cavell’s body was brought back to England from Belgium in 1919, it came along our railway line. The children of Horton Kirby School were present on the station platform when the train passed through.

    Future 2016 meetings:
    14th March Creepy Kent – Neil Arnold
    9th May Richard III – Toni Mount
    13th June Our Thames from Dartford to Grain – Christoph Bull
    11th July Restoring Reynolds Place, Horton Kirby – Laurence Hatfield
    12th September The Darenth Villages – Rod Shelton
    14th November AGM, a short talk and the Cheese & Wine Evening

    As ever, our publications and other items are available at all our meetings.

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